How to write in a book in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game where players have almost unlimited potential to build whatever they desire. From sprawling cities to working calculators, there is truly something for everyone. In addition to environments and builds that you can explore, you can also write in books.

In Minecraft, books are a great way to express your creativity in-game. From listing the rules of a server to telling a personal story, you can write almost anything you desire. But how do you get the ability to write in books in Minecraft and what exactly can you do with them?

How can players write in a book in Minecraft?


Like many different blocks and skins in Minecraft, books are highly customizable items that can be written in and signed by the player. When you write a book, you are able to sign your name at the end of it and give the book a title.

After putting a title on the book and signing it, the book will become a written book. This written book can then be placed inside a chest, a lectern, or read. You can then open and read the book whenever you wish to do so.

How can you craft a book to write inside of in Minecraft?


In order to write in a book in Minecraft, you must first craft a Book and Quill. Though these sound like two separate items, it is a single item that is created by combining a book, an ink sac, and a feather at a crafting table.

Once you combine these three items, you will get one Book and Quill. Upon using the Book and Quill, you will be able to write inside the book. After you have written what you wish inside the book, you can then sign the book and add a title.

You will then be able to make copies of the book and distribute your work in the world of Minecraft.

How to create copies of a written book


Writing a book can be a taxing endeavor. Books in Java Edition can be up to 100 pages long (50 pages in Bedrock), and you may want to copy longer works rather than re-writing them all over again.

Luckily, this is easy to do. You simply need to take the written book and place it on the crafting table with a plain book. Once this is done, it will create another copy of the written book.

Books that are copied from the original will be titled “Copy of [Original]” and those that are copied from another copy will be called “Copy of [Copy]”. This is a good way for players to keep track of which book is the original so they can keep it for themselves.

Placing written books on lecterns


Players are able to place a written book on an empty lectern for others to read. The lectern will emit a redstone signal that increases in intensity depending on how far into the book the page being displayed is. For books that are on the last page, the lectern will output a redstone signal strength of 15.

Written books are a great way to communicate

Although there is a widely available chat feature in the game, sometimes it’s a good idea to express yourself through the written word. The Book and Quill allows you to do just that, and it adds another layer of customization to an already nearly infinite in-game universe.

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