How to install add-ons for Minecraft Education Edition in 2022

Modified Minecraft is one of the most popular versions of the game. Mods and add-ons have been associated with Minecraft since the beginning, and every single one of these programs is different in some way. This is primarily because the developers of mods and add-ons are mostly regular players and programmers who are driven by their passion for the game.

Education Edition is one of the lesser-known games under the umbrella of Minecraft. As the name suggests, this edition of the game is used as a tool for teachers to help students study many different subjects, like chemistry, biology, math, and more.


By mixing work and play together, teachers can make game rooms full of different types of learning activities. They also make sure that the students are playing in a safe and supervised space.

While the default or “vanilla” version of Education Edition is full of content and fun opportunities, many players want to add more to the game. This is done by using add-ons, which is just another word for mods.

Minecraft Education Edition: Steps to download and add add-ons


Add-ons for Minecraft Education Edition can add a ton of new features to the game, including new biomes, dimensions, structures, NPCs, items, mobs, blocks, and more.

The purpose of these player-made programs is to bring new and fresh content to the playerbase and ensure that the “replayability” aspect of the game stays intact.

Players can follow these three simple steps in order to install add-ons for the game.

1) Downloading add-ons


The first step is to download any desired add-on from an appropriate and safe source. There are two websites that are known to provide an extensive selection of add-ons and mods for Minecraft. The first is the official website of the game. You’ll have to search under the “addons” tab on the Minecraft website.

The second website is a third-party website known as “MCPEDL”. This website has mods, add-ons, shaders, resource packs, and texture packs for every platform on the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft. Head over to “addons” and you’ll be able to obtain a long list of add-ons, many of which are available for the Education Edition.

2) Importing add-ons


Once you’ve downloaded the add-ons you want, it’s time to import them into the game. This will be done by going to the game and clicking the “Play” button. This is where the option to import should appear.

Import the newly downloaded add-ons into the game. It is possible that iPad users may not be able to see the import button. These players have to connect the add-on file directly to Education Edition.

3) Checking and running add-ons


The final step is to create a new world or open up a previously generated world in order to test out the add-ons. Once you’re in the main menu, click on “view worlds”, which will reveal a new world in the world list. Open up the world and check if the add-ons are working.


If they are, continue and you can start playing the game. If not, retry the steps above and check every step. However, players must be careful as some mods may not be compatible with the game anymore.

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