Roblox Survive the Killer Codes (November 2022)

Even though the Halloween season is just about over, November 2022 is still an excellent month to enjoy the spooky festivities in Roblox‘s Survive the Killer, and players can potentially use promo codes to earn free rewards. Similar to Dead by Daylight and Friday the 13th: The GameSurvive the Killer is an experience where players must hunt or become the hunted. While not feasible to use items to gain a gameplay advantage, players can spice up their in-game avatar using some of the many cosmetics available. Accordingly, promo codes for Roblox Survive the Killer are an excellent source of free cosmetics.

Is Roblox Survive the Killer Offering November 2022 Codes

Unfortunately, Roblox Survive the Killer is currently not offering any active promo codes as of November 1, 2022. Nevertheless, developer Slyce Entertainment has featured dozens of codes over the course of 2022; therefore, it is likely that fans will be able to discover new codes soon.


Roblox Super Doomspire Codes (November 2022)

As mentioned above, most of the rewards from promo codes in Survive the Killer are cosmetic, so players should not expect to receive substantial sums of free currency. Based on research by Try Hard Guides, below is an index of engaging cosmetics that players might have received from codes if they were redeemed before expiration. Try Hard Guides has claimed that these codes are working as of October 29, 2022, but The Nerd Stash has unsuccessfully redeemed any of them. However, it is still worth a try for fans to give these expired codes a shot, as there could be a difference regarding region or offer on one’s Roblox platform.

CodeFree Rewards
HAPPYNEWYEARThis code can be redeemed for the New Year Slycer Knife.
SANTAThis code can be redeemed for the Santa Hat Slycer Knife.
900MThis code can be redeemed for the 900M Slycer Knife.
DESYNCThis code can be redeemed for the Broken Clock Knife.
LUCKY2022This code can be redeemed for the Cookie Cutter Slycer Knife.
CUPID2022This code can be redeemed for the Flowery Facade Knife.
STK2YEARSThis code can be redeemed for the 2-Year Birthday Slycer Knife.

To redeem codes in Roblox Survive the Killer, players must select the Twitter button at the bottom of the screen while in the main hub. This action will reveal a text field where codes can be inputted.

Roblox is available on PC, Android, Xbox One, and iOS.

Source: Try Hard Guides

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