Canadiens Martin St-Louis Loses It On Members of Media

Montreal Canadiens head coach Martin St-Louis got a little impatient today with members of the press after he felt they were asking him the same question over and over.

After asking some questions on the status of Evgenii Dadonov, who was scratched last game and not on the ice for practice, St-Louis looked visibly irritated. When the question was asked again, but in a different way, he showed some impatience at the reporters attempting to gain more information on Dadonov’s falling out of the lineup and asked the members of the media to stop.

“Listen now, boys. He wasn’t on the ice today, Chantal told you. So stop,” said St-Louis in frustration.

When asked why he took that tone, St-Louis quickly retorted.

“You’ve, but you’ve already asked me that same question,” said St-Louis.

The Canadiens’ head coach was having none of it and seemingly didn’t want to give any bit of information on Dadonov, who was listed as being absent from practice due to a maintenance day.

The Montreal Canadiens practiced today ahead of their match-up against the Minnesota Wild on Tuesday, their second encounter is as many weeks. The Canadiens are looking to keep the good times rolling by securing their third straight win on Tuesday night, and St-Louis was seemingly focused on the goal; phasing out what are likely minute details that we may likely be reading too far into.

Martin St-Louis was never shy about speaking his mind as a player, and is seemingly not going to change as a coach; and that might be exactly what the doctor ordered for a hockey-crazed town such as Montreal.

The out-of-the-box approach from this new Canadiens’ management team, alongside Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton, will continue to take some getting used to; but it sure is refreshing at times.


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