FBR faces more than 70,000 cyber attacks every month

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) system has seen over 71,000 cyberattacks every month on average. In recent years, the FBR has also seen a serious threat of data theft as a result of persistent hacker attempts to launch cyberattacks, according to the FBR’s report on the Pakistan Raises Revenue Project (PRRP).

According to reports, the danger landscape is changing more quickly than the companies’ attempts to protect themselves. as a result of using outdated/outdated software and hardware.

These cyber-attacks have predominantly impacted the data center’s virtual environment over time. Attackers primarily target virtual computers, and they were able to take advantage of Microsoft Inc.

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Hyper-V software as the weakest link. According to accounts, there were multiple warnings sent prior to the hackers’ attempts to breach the data rooms.

The published data also highlights that FBR will be carrying out third-party audits and will devise a comprehensive strategy and monitoring plan in addition to ICT up-gradation to evolve into a true-data-driven digital organization. The reported data also reveals that although initial procurements may protect FBR for the short and medium-term, continued investment in the IT system is required to ensure data security and protection in a sustained manner in the long term.

The FBR report stated that cybercrime/hacking and data security threats are emerging with the transitioning of key public services /fin-tech services to electronic regimes. Thus, for the data analytics, business intelligence tools/software extra security will be ensured for the data security of the FBR clients and to avoid situations of disharmony and tension building in the FBR client over their data protection and security.

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It has been noted in the baseline that FBR has faced threats to data security with cyber-attack reported in past. Although the project itself addresses this issue through component 2 majorly following measures could be adopted to avoid any grievances or panic among the FBR staff and clients.

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