Cyber-attacks on Mexican military institutions persist

He said the risk of being a victim of a cyber-attack will always be latent, regardless of the strategy and controls that are implemented, since there will always be ‘a back door’ that will violate information assets, so it is necessary to be prepared when this happens.

At the 2022 Cybersecurity and Intelligence Congress, organized by the Universidad de las Américas de Puebla (UDLAP) Jenkins Graduate School, he said that there are several threats at present.

He warned that they affect national security, including the so-called ‘activist’ groups, which harm federal government institutions with the illegal extraction of classified information and its subsequent dissemination in the public domain, to damage the image and prestige of the government.

Speaking specifically of the Secretariat of the Navy, he said that the risks in the port and maritime area are taken into account, since if the controls and systems of the area itself are violated, they could have economic impacts and put human life at sea at risk.

He also pointed out that, due to the recent cyber-attacks and foreseeing there will be ‘many more in the short term’, the institutions are carrying out awareness, training and drill actions to follow up on cybersecurity and information security policies.


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