Orange Cyberdefence’s Training Campaign Sees Employees Defend Themselves Against Cyber Attacks

Last year, cyber-attacks increased by 13%, with devastating consequences for the companies affected. For small and medium-sized businesses, which are increasingly targeted, up to 60% of them can go out of business six months after an attack. The threats are very real; cyber risks are intensifying and putting additional pressure on already overstretched IT security teams.

The mission of Orange Cyberdefence, the European leader in cybersecurity services, is to build a safer digital society. Orange Cyberdefense relies on the human expertise of 2,500 multidisciplinary experts around the world, combined with cutting-edge technologies, to protect companies against cyberattacks. The advertising campaign, which targets business leaders and Chief Information Security Officers in particular, demonstrates by the absurd and by diverting the codes of self-defence, that all human approaches are not equal.

The three films, produced by the duo Big Red Button (LA PAC), feature a self-defence teacher (played here by subject matter expert and influencer Franck Ropers), immersed with employees who he is responsible for training in defence techniques against cyberattacks. The campaign, which owns this shift in tone, delivers a simple and direct message: cybersecurity is a serious subject, which requires calling on real experts.

Currently broadcast on social media, the films can be viewed in seven different countries: France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Denmark

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