Carey Price opens up about struggles

Things have not been easy for Montreal Canadiens netminder Carey Price. He’s gone from being a Stanley Cup finalist to playing just five games during the 2021-22 season. Off the ice, the battles mounted as well.

In an article a week ago, there was a bleak update on Price’s future with the Habs. The interview with Arpon Basu of The Athletic had Price telling all about his future and the situation he is in. A return to the Montreal Canadiens is unlikely, but Price is not ready to call it a career quite yet.

On Tuesday, another piece on The Athletic($) from Arpon Basu detailed more about the struggles that Price has gone through, coping with his injuries and inability to get out there on the ice. It’s a warm beginning of the article, talking about the greatness that Price has achieved and the incredibly dominant goalie he established himself as during his career.

Monreal Canadiens netminder opens up about struggles with alcoholism.

Basu goes on to dive into the struggles that Price faced allowing him the chance to open up and share his side. After falling short in the Stanley Cup finals and playing injured to the point that his career may be over, Price ended up fighting another battle off the ice.

Ultimately, Price stepped away from the game last season and sought help for his troubles with alcoholism. He emerged on the other side a better person, being able to cook pancakes for his kids on a Sunday morning–something he referred to as fulfilling during Basu’s piece.

Price checked himself into rehab, got the help and support he needed, and has come out on the other side. He detailed his struggles in Basu’s piece and spoke about the importance of telling his story.

He wanted to share what he went through and share his experiences to bring about more awareness, especially to those of the First Nations communities. He wanted to illustrate that it was okay to ask for help.

After all, Price got the help he needed and now is continuing to work back towards a “return.” As Price stated, he’s not ready to retire and hang up the skates yet, but there’s a mountain to climb until he can get there.

He’s still working to be pain-free on a daily basis. Before he even thinks about getting on skates and manning the blue paint in front of the net for the Habs, he’s still working to live a life without pain, doing simple things like walking up and down the stairs.

Hopefully, the day comes where Price can suit up for the team once again, but those days seem to be in the past.

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