Canucks wear special Diwali jerseys designed by local South Asian artist

The Vancouver Canucks are lighting up the ice for Diwali.

Local visual artist and muralist Sandeep Johal designed the Canucks’ 2022 Diwali warmup jersey, which the team will wear before their game against the Carolina Hurricanes on Monday.


“Diwali is the Festival of Lights,” Johal said in a video the Canucks shared on social media. “It’s the triumph of good over evil, light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance, so I wanted to have this lotus blooming out of the dark and into the light. As it comes into full bloom, you’re met with all these celebratory fireworks and these really bright, energetic and joyful colors.”

Tweet from @Canucks: “The ability to connect around a sport, around a celebration, around art, it’s really just a coming together of people.”Local artist Sandeep Johal brings to life our 2022 #Diwali warm-up jersey full of South Asian influences.

Johal said that growing up, all South Asian events she attended were “bright, colorful and felt joyous.” She wanted to incorporate that into the coloring of the warmup jersey.

On the jersey’s shoulder patch, Johal placed a peacock.

“The peacock is the national bird of India,” she said. “They’re so beautiful and graceful and so strong. I thought that visual imagery of the feathers fanning out lent itself really nicely to the jersey.”

Tweet from @Canucks: Art in jersey form.#Canucks | #Diwali

Fans can participate in an online jersey auction and bid for player-signed Diwali warmup jerseys at

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