Jake Allen keeps getting it done in net

The Montreal Canadiens may have only seen Jake Allen in net for three games, but he has played exceptionally well. Both netminders have been playing well to this point, with Sam Montembault stepping up while Allen was absent from the team.

The Montreal Canadiens missed out on Allen for two games while he was on leave for the birth of his child. But he jumped back in the crease against the Coyotes and continued to get the job done. He has been able to pick up two wins and play well in the game he was credited a loss in.

For the Habs, there is plenty to like with how well Allen has performed thus far. There has been a lot to like as he has stood on his head at times. He signed a contract extension this offseason and is surely showing why the Habs wanted to keep him around for two more seasons.

Montreal Canadiens netminder Jake Allen keeps getting it done.

It’s early in the year, but there are many reasons to like Allen’s performance so far. Early on in the season, there was some concern that he was going to be able to keep up with the workload.

He’s faced 97 shots, allowing six goals over three games. His 91 saves are good for a .938 save percentage. He’s managed a 2.02 goals-against average through the first three games. It’s solid out of Allen, who has been getting peppered by shots.

Facing 97 shots on goal over three games equates to an average of 32.33 shots per game. The Canadiens’ young defense core leaves Allen out to dry. At least, that was the worry coming into the season.

They’re a group that is still learning to minimize the opposition, but Allen has been there to rescue them. It’s not going to be the case for the whole season, but the Habs can keep hoping that Allen plays this well.

Allen is coming off of a season where the Habs finished in the depths of the league. He started 35 games where he managed a 9-20-4 record with a .905 save percentage. He had a 3.30 goals-against average on the season as well.

A steady netminder on a rebuilding team is hard to come by, so seeing Allen start off strong, even in three games, bodes well. Then again, this was deemed a rebuild, and the Habs look like they are piecing together a serviceable hockey club.

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