How to get Black Adam Hawkman Wings for free in Roblox

Roblox corporation and the legendary Warner Bros. Studios recently partnered up to introduce the Black Adam Experience to the popular gaming platform. The collaboration was planned to commemorate the latest DC Universe-based movie Black Adam, featuring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as the protagonist and antihero. Black Adam Experience is the fourth special event related to DC Comics in the metaverse.

In the world of Black Adam Experience, fans and gamers are offered action-packed gameplay in the DC Comics universe set in a Roblox milieu. They must find all the Black Adam Bolts scattered across the map and complete certain challenges to obtain five exclusive avatar items and badges.

Each item has its own unique ambient effect and style to it. In this article, players can learn how to add Black Adam Hawkman Wings to their wardrobe collection.

Create a path of destruction in your wake in Roblox Black Adam Experience

How to obtain Black Adam Hawkman Wings in Roblox Black Adam Experience


The Black Adam Hawkman Wings are hidden in a secret room inside the Hall of Justice. To obtain this item, three additional players are required. Users can either invite their friends or random players on the server to assist them with this particular mission. The procedure for unlocking the wings is relatively simple, although it can be tedious for some.

To gain entry into the secret area of the Hall of Justice building where the Black Adam Hawkman Wings are stored, players must first obtain the Black Adam Shirt, Black Adam Dr. Fate Helmet, Black Adam Hawkman Helmet, and Black Adam Bolt in Roblox Black Adam Experience.

Players who do not have the four items mentioned above are unlikely to enter the secret area. The other three players must also get the four secret Black Adam accessories in order to gain access to the location where the Black Adam Hawkman Wings can be found.

Once these prerequisites have been met, players must enter the Justice Hall. Once inside, players will be able to see the Black Adam trailer playing on a giant screen in the middle of the hall amidst various Black Adam allusions strewn across the area.

Blue-colored neon blocks can be seen on the four corners of this huge hall. To open this secretly concealed door, each player must step on one of these neon pads. The pad will light up once players stand on top of it. Once all four pads are lit up successfully, the secret door will reveal itself.

Players can now find the newly formed door located on the right side of the screen. They simply have to walk inside the chamber and interact with the Black Adam Hawkman Wings to claim it.

Appearance and the history of the Black Adam Hawkman Wings


Black Adam Hawkman Wings, as the name hints, belongs to DC superhero Hawkman. Comic book readers may already be familiar with his female counterpart Hawkgirl from the iconic Justice League animated series. Hawkman’s superpower is centered on his ability to fly and regenerate health quickly.

The wings resemble those worn by Aldis Hodge’s Carter Hall, also known as Hawkman, in the Black Adam film. The wings’ upper bone and primary feathers are golden, while the secondary feathers are crimson.

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