Roblox Hits Momentous Number Of 57.8 Million Daily Active Members

Roblox Roblox is huge, but sometimes it’s easy to forget just how massive the game really is. In Roblox’s most recently revealed metrics, it would seem that the daily active user count for the game has now hit 57.8 million players–this is a 23% rise year-over-year. “Hours engaged were 4.0 billion, up 16% year-over-year.”

The report then goes into some detail on the financials, with the estimated revenue for this month being between $212-219 million. This amount, while large, is around the same as last year’s figure–proving that having a lot of users doesn’t necessarily equate to more spending. Another interesting thing to look at is how long these accounts are active. Robox Corporation has a term called “paying user life estimate”, which is “calculated based on historical monthly retention data for each payer cohort to project future participation on the Roblox Platform.” While the average user life estimate was once 28 months, it has since slipped to 25 months–but still very impressive.

Even if you yourself don’t play Roblox, its hold on many users is still something impressive and a business model that could be investigated further.

Aspen Pash

Aspen Pash, News Editor
Aspen is an avid gamer currently residing in Japan. She is most attracted to games narrative design and is a huge fan of player choice in games. If Aspen is not playing games, she is most certainly writing about them.

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