Most Memorable NHL Fights of 2022

Most Memorable NHL Fights of 2022 originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

What’s an ice hockey game without a few dirty punches?

If you’re a hardcore NHL fan or just enjoy watching ice hockey players leave it all out on the ice, you’ve probably seen a brawl or two occur during a heated game.

Dating back to 1922, players were minimally punished for initiating fights. While sports like the NFL have fined players large sums of money for getting into brawls, NHL refs have typically given players five minutes out of the game with a possible ejection. At times, players, a team or a coach can be given a fine but nothing as hefty as an NFL fee.

As the NFL season is underway, here is a running list of the most memorable, must-see fights of the 2022-23 NHL season:

Oct. 12: Maxime Comtois (ANA) vs. William Borgen (SEA)

In this third-period fight, Maxime Comtois of the Anaheim Ducks and William Borgen of the Seattle Kraken exchanged a handful of punches.

The fight ended in what seemed to be a draw as the two fell to the ice.

At the time of the fight, Seattle led 3-2 but then went on to lose to the Ducks 5-4.

In this third-period fight, Josh Manson of the Colorado Avalanche and Sam Lafferty of the Chicago Blackhawks got into a heated battle that appeared to start pretty even at the start.

The Avalanche had been leading 5-2 in the game and accordingly, Manson appeared to win the fight, narrowly pinning Lafferty to the ice.

The Blackhawks went on to win 5-2.

In this second-period fight, Mark Borowiecki of the Nashville Predators and Jonah Gadjovich of the San Jose Sharks battled it out in the first memorable fight of the year.

The Predators had led 2-1 at the time and went on to capture the win 3-2.

At the beginning of the fight, Borowiecki was in control, punching Gadjovich’s face a few times before the two fell on the ground with the Shark landing on top.

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