In One Month, more than 4.7 Million Cyber Attacks were recorded in BiH

During the last month, the first Cyber Security Excellence Center (CSEC) in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) recorded more than 4.7 million different cyber attacks and their attempts on the territory of our country. This best speaks of the need for the urgent creation of teams to combat such attacks, it was concluded at the presentation of the work of this center in Sarajevo.

As the most current, examples of attacks on the Council of Ministers, the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH (PABiH), and the Central Election Commission (CEC) of BiH, some of the most important state institutions, are listed, which is a sufficient indicator of the threat to the cyber security of BiH citizens. The fight against these attacks, but also their monitoring, education, and laying the foundations for efficient cyber security are some of the most important tasks of CSEC, which was founded at the University of Sarajevo, with the support of the Government of the United Kingdom (UK).

During the presentation of the CSEC’s work, the establishment of an academic and sustainable Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) was also announced, whose activities, in addition to education, will also include workforce development, as well as raising awareness of the importance of cyber security.

Predrag Puharic, head of CSEC, said that the CERTs they are establishing are actually teams that respond to incidents in the cyber security sphere, and that their primary task is education, consultation, and exchange of information.

Exchange of data, especially when it comes to attacks, new attack methods, new emerging groups and exchange of information about ongoing attacks, which helps all actors who are part of this exchange to better prepare, to better respond to attacks and to make that process as fast as possible and possibly cause damage as little as possible, Puharic adds.

In addition to the struggle for security in the internet space, the importance of more active involvement of women in the world of cyber security in BiH and the region was highlighted. The organizers point out that this is one of the most important steps in the development of the cyber security sector, and the importance of this process was also recognized by the Embassy of the UK in BiH, which supported the entire project.

The UK is proud to have supported the establishment of the first CSEC in BiH, to raise cyber security awareness, capacity, and incident response capabilities. This will be the first important step in the development of effective cyberculture in BiH, explained Julian Reilly, Ambassador of the UK to BiH, adding that this project will also contribute to the promotion of cyber security as a career field, especially for women.

The organizers, in addition to all other advantages, pointed out that the newly established CSEC will try to, together with all other actors, help create steps and solutions that will help BiH to establish capacities for a higher level of cyber security readiness, and that it will strive to position itself as neutral go-to point for a systematic response to cyber incidents in BiH.

During the conference, it was said that the signing of the memorandum on cooperation between the CSEC and the BiH Ministry of Defense is expected soon after this procedure was prolonged yesterday due to the minister’s obligations.

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