The Lord of the Rinks: Montreal Canadiens season begins tonightNews WAALI

Just as the Lord of the Rings series went back before there was ever a Bilbo Baggins to speak of, the Montreal Canadiens must return to the mists of time before there was talk of Stanleys and/or Cups and dig deep into the Khazad-dum -like mines of darkness where the spooky word “rebuild” lives.

General manager Kent Hughes made it very clear that he was willing to cut down all of the Fanghorn forest that would need to be cut down to ensure the team is one with youth and talent to build it.

There have been trades, drafts and signings this past season and offseason that suggest Montreal won’t be pushing for playoff glory for at least the next human year. It remains to be seen whether this will be more of an elf year.

With the unfortunate and unforgettable preseason over, it’s time for the young Habs to lace up and play properly.

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Here are some questions and quotes for the experts for the upcoming season.

Will you just stand there and breathe like an orc? – Galadriel

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To state the obvious, Canadians need players who can hit the puck from their sticks into the opposing team’s net.

No Hab was in the top 50 in points, goals or assists in the NHL last season. Suzuki led the team in points (61) and assists (40) and Cole Caufield led in goals (23). They were the only players on the team to pass 40 points.

Who else is ready to level up and score?


This is the burden of those who lead and those who strive for it. -High King Gil-galad

Nick Suzuki became the 31st captain in the team’s history, having spent the summer in Montreal and will be the youngest to wear the ‘C’ over his heart.

Is he ready to lead the Habs horde?

Nick Suzuki

… Speaking of being ready.

The past is dead. Either we go ahead or we die with him – Captain Elendil

Will NHL draft pick Juraj Slafkovsky prove his worth? What other rookies will be promoted this season?

Juraj Slafkowski

Nothing is evil in the beginning. – Galadriel

If we didn’t do everything we weren’t supposed to do, we wouldn’t do much – Nori Brandyfoot

Conversions take time. See: the early-teen Chicago Blackhawks, current Tampa Bay Lightning, or Colorado Avalanche. These teams were all incredibly patient and watched their teams lose for several years before becoming Stanley Cup-winning powerhouses. How much patience will the owners, management and fans have of Habs coach Martin St. Louis and the team likely to spend more than a few nights on the wrong side of the scoreboard?

Kirby roof

In this sense…

When are you going to let go of the past? -Rowan

As Canadiens fans bid farewell to their greatest forward – Guy Lafleur – this year, is the community ready to admit the team hasn’t been very good in decades?

… Speaking of letting go.

True creation requires sacrifice. -Celebrimbor

Are Habs fans and staff ready to let go of Carey Price should his career be over? How does a team deal with their absence and is Jake Allen ready to be the number one goalie all season? Will Cayden Primeau or Sam Montembeault cement their place as number two?

Sam Montembault

Puck falls at 7:00 p.m. at the Bell Center. Continue to play.


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