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Roblox is a free-to-play online game that directly rivals games like Minecraft in terms of mainstream popularity. Nothing feels worse than suddenly getting an error and kicked out of the match or activity while playing your favorite community-created games in Roblox. We have prepared Roblox error fix guides for error code 529, error code 524, and error code 921. For this guide, our focus will solely be on Roblox error code 267 and all the methods you can use to fix it.

Some players have reported getting kicked out of the game mid-match or being unable to join the server because of the error code 267 in Roblox, so without further delay, let’s briefly get into detail on what causes the error 267 and how users can opt to fix it as quickly as possible.

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What Is The Roblox Error Code 267

error code 267 roblox
The error code 267

The error code 267 doesn’t depend on a single anomaly in the game; in fact, it can occur in multiple instances. This error usually occurs when it detects either the player or the server to have illegal scripts incorporated. There are other factors as well, and we will explain them all down below.

Roblox is played by millions of people daily; therefore, if a game suspects that a server is using illegal scripts, then it will automatically kick you out of the server to protect your data. The basic gist is that If the game suspects that you’re using the illegal scripts or are attempting to hack the game in any sort of way, then it will boot you out of the lobby and prompt you with the error code 267.

Aside from this, players may also face this error if their account is banned from the particular server they are trying to join. This can happen due to multiple reasons; therefore, always behave whenever you join a server. Third-Party Extensions can also cause the error code 267, especially if you are playing on a browser.

The error 267 can also occur due to slow internet, corrupted game files, and if your antivirus or firewall blocks you from the Roblox game server, but there is no need to worry as we have gone over most of the suggestions from players and detailed the exact methods and workarounds to fix it as easily as possible.

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How To Fix The Error Code 267 In Roblox

There are millions of users who play the game on a regular basis and encounter these types of errors. But thanks to their feedback and after scouring through multiple community hubs, we were able to enlist these short fixes to help you fix the error code 267 inside Roblox. Now that you know that the error can occur due to multiple reasons, here are the best ways to fix error 267 in Roblox so you can get back to playing on your favorite server.

Join A Private Server

Roblox private server
Private servers

If you are continuously facing the error, then the first thing you should do is to join a private server. The error is only restricted to one server most of the time therefore, you should have no problem trying to join a private server, which can be done as you are logging into the game at the main menu.

Once you have joined the server then, simply leave it and try rejoining the server that was originally giving you the error code 267. There is an adequate chance that the problem will be fixed.

If you can’t join the private server, then try joining a public server first before you try other methods, as this method will provide us with irrefutable evidence of whether the problem is originating from the server or somewhere else.

Check Your Internet Connection

Sometimes, the simplest solution is the one that works. If you received the error message stating that “DISCONNECTED: You were kicked out of the game (Error Code 267)”, then consider verifying again to make sure that your internet connection is stable and working smoothly.

It is even an unspoken rule that using an ethernet cable connection can do the trick as it will boost your bandwidth by tenfolds than your normal wireless internet connection. It is one of the most essential and sought-after ways that users tend to utilize in order to increase and boost their speeds.

If your router or modem device is situated in another area of your house or establishment, then we’d still recommend contacting your ISP. They will provide an in-depth explanation and consult you on how you can wire an ethernet cable to and from your console or PC to the internet device.

Using The Right Browser

Roblox Browsers
Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome

While Roblox works fine on most browsers normally, Chrome is the recommended browser to use for the game due to its protection protocols, user interface, speed, no stability dangers, and more. Making it the ideal browser to use for Roblox. If you are not already using Chrome, then switching browsers for the game might fix your issue.

Microsoft Edge is also chromium based, so there is a good chance for the game to work perfectly fine on it as well, so try using that as soon as possible. Hence why users should keep in mind to switch to either that or something like Mozilla Firefox, too, if they are willing to choose any sort of option available to them. Furthermore, always keep your browser updated; outdated browsers can also cause this error and other issues to occur as well.

If push comes to serve, you can also try uninstalling the browser or even refresh its memory data which can be easily done from the History settings bar in your respective search engines.

Disable Extensions

The Web Extensions

Extensions, like ad blockers, can also be the root of the error code 267 if you are playing Roblox on a browser instead of the Roblox Player. Extensions are really useful from time to time, but they can also cause some issues every once in a while.

You will need to disable every extension before checking whether the issue was fixed or not. Disabling extensions is extremely easy and convenient, and you only need to follow the steps listed below. Following are the steps to take when Disabling Extensions On the Chrome Browser:

  • Launch the Google Chrome application on your desktop.
  • Press the 3 vertical dots at the top right corner to open up a few settings.
  • Here, go into the options labeled “More Tools”.
  • Click on the “Extensions” setting.
  • Now, you will be able to see every extension that is currently active on your browser, through which you will be able to decide which ones to keep or uninstall.
  • Disable or remove the unnecessary extensions and head back to the Roblox main site and log in to any lobby or activity to check if the issue is resolved.

Disabling Extensions On the Microsoft Edge Browser:

  • Launch Microsoft Edge
  • Click on the 3 horizontal dots at the top right corner.
  • Click on “Extensions”.
  • Go into “Manage Extensions”.
  • Disable or remove the extensions.

Reinstall Roblox

Roblox error code 267
Reinstalling Roblox

If you are using the Roblox Player, then there is a high chance that the cause of error code 267 is corrupted files. You will need to uninstall and reinstall it from the official website with the most recent updates and bug fixes.

It will help refresh the state of the game and any instances where the error presented itself in your account. Furthermore, it helps to know that the game is available on multiple different platforms, but it is fair to say that you should be able to reinstall it in the simplest way possible.

For Xbox users, just delete the game from the main home screen and proceed to navigate back to the library in order to download it again. Meanwhile, smartphone and Tablet users can easily reinstall the game from their respective app stores, such as the Playstore and Apple App store. Reinstalling the client on your desktop should be fairly straightforward enough, so once you do that, verify if the error still exists in your account.

Make A New Account

roblox new account
How to create a new account on Roblox

This method should only be used as a last resort because you will end up losing all cosmetics you unlocked in the original account. If none of the methods worked for you, then there is a good chance that your account has been banned and the only way to play Roblox again is to create a brand new account. 

We know it is really frustrating to create a brand new account and be back to square one with zero special skins after spending countless hours on your original account, but this is, unfortunately, the only method left to tackle the error code 267 in Roblox.

Creating one should be relatively easy enough at this point if you are familiar with the game. All you have to do is go directly to the login site and instead create a new account here. It is one of the easiest workarounds that players can end up using that works, according to many players on Reddit and the community forums of Roblox.

The Wrap-Up

That wraps up our guide on how to fix the error code 267 in Roblox. Roblox is one of the most popular games ever made. Despite releasing in 2006, the game is still played by millions of people daily.

Roblox can also be considered a platform on its own because it does not consist of only one game, rather, it allows the players to create their own games and enjoy them with thousands of other players. The room for creativity and imagination in these games is endless. There are even plenty of indie developers who start off their video game developing career from the platform.

The game is available on Windows, macOS, IoS, Android, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X through backward compatibility, making it easily accessible for all gamers around the world to play it freely. We hope our guide helped you in deciding how to tackle error code 267. If there is anything we missed, do let us know in the comment section below.

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