Free items on Roblox Spotify Island

Spotify Island offers a complete sound experience on Roblox. It is one of the best games to sit back and relax while creating or listening to music. Players can complete quests or hang out with friends on this appealing island.

From various musical artists organizing concerts in this virtual world to exploring the hidden map, Spotify Island can keep users hooked on its attractive gameplay. Fans can interact with the artists virtually and buy new Roblox merchandise during special events.

Gamers have the freedom to customize their avatars with amazing in-game gear, some of which can be obtained by finishing quests and earning badges.

The official description of Roblox Spotify Island says:

“Welcome to Spotify Island. Your next adventure awaits! Meet your favorite artists! Play with sounds! Explore quests! Collect special merch! Have fun and be kind! The possibilities are endless!”

Quests are vital on Roblox Spotify Island. Readers can earn exclusive items for free if they finish quests and complete specific actions. They can equip the avatars with the coolest-looking equipment with free items listed below.

Roblox players can get best-looking items for free on Spotify Island

Free items to get in Roblox Spotify Island:

Users can obtain six free items in this musical world:

  1. (화이팅) Hwaiting
  2. 5-Petal Backpack
  3. (안녕) Annyeong
  4. Floating Boombox
  5. Butterfly Wings – Sunmi
  6. Screenshot Patchwork Jacket

They must complete various quests and earn their corresponding badges to obtain free rewards.

How to get Hwaiting


Hwaiting (화이팅) is an emote. Gamers must complete the in-game tutorial by following the green signs once it starts. When used, the avatar does a fist pump-like action and performs a jump.

The official description of the emote reads:

“Let’s gooooooooooo!!”

Individuals can go to “Effects” on the map to equip the emote. The “Basics First!” badge is unlocked after finishing the tutorial.

How to get Annyeong


Annyeong (안녕) is an emote. Players must jump on 13 different mushrooms to obtain this item. Mushrooms on Spotify Island are green in color, with the caps sporting yellow neon lights around them.

After jumping on different mushrooms, users will earn the “Mushroom bouncer” badge. The emote’s official description states:

“The proper Korean greeting.”

Based on the emote’s description, when used, gamers’ avatars do a Korean greeting in-game.

How to get Floating Boombox


Floating Boombox is a shoulder accessory. Avatars can explore the Spotify Universe with a boombox on their right shoulder.

The official description reads:

“Blast your favorite songs!”

Gamers must earn “Playful Producer” and “Producer” to obtain the Floating Boombox. They may press the music-themed buttons ten times or above in the “Music Cave.” This will award players the “Producer” badge.

They should head to the top of the hill, where there are music trampolines. Users must jump on the music-themed buttons more than ten times to earn the “Playful Producer” badge. After claiming these badges, they will get the boombox.

Readers don’t get the Floating Boombox if the server is glitched. They must exit the game and delete the newly earned badges from the Roblox profile. They will have to get the badges again to get the boombox.

How to get 5-Petal Backpack


A 5-Petal Backpack is a shoulder accessory, basically a five-petaled grey flower with Spotify’s logo in the middle.

The official description reads:

“Hand-picked to hold all your things.”

Players must collect twenty “music notes” scattered throughout the island to claim this backpack. They can have a lively experience while gathering “music notes.” The best way to collect these notes is to follow the parkour course laid across the island’s map.

How to get Butterfly Wings – Sunmi


This is a part of the Sunmi bundle, released in-game during Sunmi’s concert. As the title hints, users can don butterfly wings when this item is equipped.

The item’s description says:

“Lalalay, and fly away.”

Earn the “Butterfly Wings – SUNMI” badge, breaking no sweat. At Spotify Island’s spawn point, find a portal that leads gamers to K-Park. Enter the portal to claim the badge and the gear.

How to get Screenshot Patchwork Jacket


The official description of the jacket says:

“Even meta for the metaverse.”

This item is a multi-colored jacket based on Sunmi’s items. Players need the “Badge 44” badge to get their hands on this jacket. They must parkour over twenty obstacles to claim this reward for free.

The developers will release new items in the future. Users can buy other items from the Roblox Spotify Island store.

Note: If the claimed items fail to appear in the inventory, it is not a glitch from the gamers’ side but rather a fault from the game. Within a week, they would see the free items in their inventories.

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