How to awaken a Devil Fruit in Roblox King Legacy

Over the years, many Roblox games inspired by anime titles have been released. Inspired by the famous anime One Piece, Roblox King Legacy has become a pirate haven for fans. In the game, players can embark on a classic pirate adventure and become legends in the King Legacy’s universe.

Launched on December 12, 2019 by Venture Lagoons, Roblox King Legacy has become one of the best anime-based games on the metaverse platform. As of June 2022, the game has amassed one billion visits. Roblox King Legacy is a must-play title for gamers who love One Piece.

In Roblox King Legacy, a maximum of 10 players can play on one server, and they must use Devil Fruits to gain special abilities for a specific time, and use the newly gained powers to defeat the strongest enemies on the map.

Live as supreme pirates in the world of Roblox King Legacy

What are Devil Fruits in Roblox King Legacy?


As players progress into the game, they are required to eliminate the strongest creatures and defeating them is no easy task. This is where Devil Fruit comes in as it can provide players with specific abilities that they can use to defeat enemies. Devil Fruits spawn on the map every 1 – 2 Hours / Despawn in 15 Minutes. After using the fruit, players gain access to special forbidden powers, but lose the ability to swim.

There are different types of Devil Fruits, each with unique and powerful traits. Players can buy these fruits in the game’s market or collect them from various locations in the game.

Types of Devil Fruits


Devil Fruits are classified into three types and they are Paramecia, Zoan, and Logia.

When players eat Paramecia Fruits, they get special powers. These are the 15 Devil Fruits under the Paramecia category:

  • Dough (Mochi)
  • Gum
  • Spin
  • Bomb
  • Pow
  • Spike
  • Barrier
  • Love
  • Venom
  • Shadow
  • String
  • Op
  • Quake
  • Spirit
  • Gravity

Players transform into various creatures after consuming Zoan Fruits. These are the Devil Fruits under Zoan type.

  • Uo Uo No Mi (Dragon)
  • Tori Tori no Mi (Phoenix)
  • Ryu Ryu No Mi (Spinosaurus)
  • Zou Zou No Mi (Mammoth)
  • Ryu Ryu No Mi (Allosaurus)
  • Hito Hito No Mi (Human)
  • Hito Hito No Mi (Buddha)
  • Ryu Ryu No Mi (Brachiosaurus).

Fruits in the Logia category can make players invincible when consumed. However, these fruits don’t work in PVP mode. These are fruits that come under the Logia category:

  • Gas,
  • Flame
  • Smoke
  • Magma
  • Ice
  • Light
  • Snow

After consuming Logia Fruits, if players are hit by enemies, a specific particle effect of the Devil Fruit is displayed around the characters, which blocks the attack. (For example: Smoke – Smoke particles, Snow – Snowflake particles, Sand – Sand particles, and so on)

How to awaken a Devil Fruit in Roblox King Legacy


To awaken a Devil Fruit, players must have the fruit equipped and also have the physical fruit in their inventory. Gravity is the first Devil Fruit that awakens in-game, and only six Devil Fruits can be awakened.

To awaken a Devil Fruit, players must have the gravity fruit form and head to Viridans, the Second Sea Island.

Players should go to the Awake Master’s hut and talk to the NPC. The NPC will take the fruit and teleport the player to the awakening world where the player will go head-to-head against a clone.

The clone is the Awakening Boss, and players will be teleported back to The Viridans after defeating the boss. The last step is to spend 125 gems to unlock all the move-sets.

Tips to defeat the Awakening Boss in Roblox King Legacy

The boss is found during the awakening process in the awakening world. The boss is very difficult to defeat and players must be careful during the fight. The boss has a massive 1 million health. (For magma 2 million, and ice 1.5 million) and uses awakened attacks of the fruit that the players gave to the Awake Master.

Swords recommended to use while fighting the boss are:

  • Acroscythe
  • Hell Sword
  • Authentic Triple Katana
  • Phoenix Blade
  • XMas Blade
  • Sweet Lozenge
  • Bisento
  • Dark Blade/Yoru

Players can use other high-damage swords as well.

Here are some tips that players can use to defeat the bosses in the game:

  • Gravity Awaken Boss: Try not to stay far away, since the boss’ movesets are at mid-short range. Take your time before attacking.
  • Venom Awaken Boss: Do not get close to the boss and maintain some distance before attacking.
  • Bomb Awaken Boss: Players are advised to stay far away and attack, as this Awakening Boss can one shot players with ease.
  • Quake Awaken Boss: Stay on the air and avoid landing on the ground to defeat this boss.
  • Magma Awaken Boss: Camp on air to avoid getting hit by meteors.
  • Ice Raid Boss: Avoid getting stunned, freeze the boss, and then start hitting him.

Players can defeat these bosses to awaken the Devil Fruit and become the best pirate on Roblox King Legacy.

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