Gilberto Silva claims one ‘fantastic’ Tottenham man ‘fascinates’ him

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Gilberto Silva has stated that Tottenham manager Antonio Conte is ‘fantastic’ in his line of work, as he told talkSPORT.

The Highbury legend also added that he is ‘fascinated’ by the new Tottenham boss.

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Given Conte’s past record, the tide has probably now changed in how people think of Tottenham and their chances of lifting some silverware during these coming years.

Under Nuno Espirito Santo, not many would have given them the chance, and even though they were still in all the competitions before he was sacked, it wasn’t exactly keeping everyone awake.

But with a trophy-laden coach now in charge and someone who is proven as most recently as the summer, then those from the outside will have to sit up and take notice of Spurs.

Arsenal legend Silva was asked if he thinks the tide was changing in North London and his thoughts on Conte.

“This can be possible,” said Silva. “But every time, everything is decided on the field.

“Conte is a fantastic manager. You have to say that and respect that. I am sure he will lift these players and pick them up because this is his style. He fascinates me when you see him outside of the field.

“It doesn’t matter who is there as a manager. The players need to lead this passion. They need to understand how important it is for them and the fans especially.

“If you are an Arsenal or Spurs player, then you must do the best.”

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Jose Mourinho, who is considered by many to be past his peak, still managed to guide Spurs to a League Cup final – before he was sacked.

Not only that, but the North London club did also start the season in a pretty strong fashion under his guidance, including putting six past Manchester United, before they faded away.

So, if Conte manages to get off to a not too dissimilar start then he might now just have the legs to guide Spurs all the way through.

Given that Conte has joined Spurs when the season has already started, it will be interesting to see if the minimum aim by the club is to still get Champions League football because that certainly is on the cards.

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