“Don’t Appreciate Mayor Beppe Sala’s Remarks, Why Would I Buy San Siro?”

Former Inter President Massimo Moratti feels that the remarks made by Mayor Beppe Sala in response to the movement to stop the San Siro from being demolished are uncalled-for.

Speaking to Italian news outlet FanPage.it, the former President gave the response that Sala’s suggestion that he and others who wish to preserve the San Siro buy the stadium were irrelevant.

Moratti has officially joined the “Yes to Preserve Meazza” movement aimed at stopping the demolition of the San Siro as part of the plans by Inter and AC Milan to construct a new stadium in the city.

The movement aims to petition for a referendum to be held which will allow the public to vote on whether or not to demolish the existing stadium.

However, Sala feels that the decision on the proposed new stadium has already been made, and that construction will go ahead per the approval of the city council.

Sala suggested that if the opponents of the San Siro’s demolition are determined to preserve the stadium then they should purchase it from the city rather than trying to further intervene politically.

“Did he really say that?” responded Moratti. “What would I buy it for, to have children play in it? We feel that the San Siro must remain as the only stadium in Milan, yet the mayor’s reply makes it sound like the construction of a new stadium is to be taken for granted.”

He continued, “And it is obvious that it is not possible to have both. But the ‘Yes to Preserve Meazza’ committee does not just want to keep the stadium as a monument, but to continue to have Inter and Milan play in it.”

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