Kyle Rittenhouse questioned about playing Call of Duty during trial

During his homicide trial – after killing two and injuring a third with an AR-15 – Kyle Rittenhouse was questioned about his experience playing the popular first-person shooter franchise Call of Duty.

18-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse has been charged with shooting three people during civil unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin in November 2020. The teen has since taken the stand in his own defense.

During his trial, Kyle was questioned about his history playing first-person shooters, with the prosecutors specifically questioning Rittenhouse’s history playing Call of Duty with his friend.

CoD Vanguard operator.
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Call of Duty: Vanguard is the latest entry in the CoD franchise.

On November 10, prosecutor Thomas Binger asked Rittenhouse under oath about his prior experience with violent first-person shooters: “Isn’t it true when you would hang out with Dominic Black you’d play Call of Duty and other first-person shooter video games?” Which the teenager admitted to.

“And those are games in which you use weapons like AR-15s to pretty much shoot anybody who comes at you, right?” the prosecutor asked. Rittenhouse responded, “It’s a video game where two players are playing together. I don’t really understand the meaning of the question, to be honest.”

Prosecutor Binger continued to pressure Kyle, asking more about the premise of Call of Duty and what the game is about. “Isn’t one of the things people do in these video games, try and kill everyone else with your guns?”

The 18-year-old’s response emphasized that Call of Duty is just a video game, and it’s not real life. “Yeah, in the video game. It’s just a video game, it’s not real life.”

Mr. Rittenhouse’s trial is still ongoing, with the teenager pleading not guilty, stating he acted in self-defense. Reports from the courthouse believe that the prosecutors questioning Kyle’s gaming experience is an attempt to weaken his case.

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