CoD: Vanguard – use Dead Drop for easy killstreaks


The time-to-kill in Call of Duty: Vanguard is crazy quick, and often times it can feel like a daunting task just to hit those higher-up killstreaks. After all, if you’re constantly being rushed down by MP40 users, or feel a bit guilty about sitting in the same spot with your tent up, how is one supposed to call Dogs or Forward Intel in?

Thankfully, there’s a certain field upgrade that can make earning these more elusive killstreaks more realistic. It’s called Dead Drop, and by using it you can store the progress towards your killstreaks between lives. Dorrani has gone ahead and created a quick video showing off this special field upgrade, that you can watch embedded above.

Field upgrades are gradually earned over time while you play a multiplayer match, and act as occasional boons to help you and your team in a match. Dead Drop is perhaps one of the more selfish ones, making it easier for you to earn your own rewards, but when you think about it a high killstreak at the right time can totally save a game.

If you don’t believe the words you’re reading, thankfully you don’t have to. Following Dorrani’s explanation of the field upgrade and what it does, you get a few minutes to see Dead Drop working firsthand. As you’ll see, it makes it far easier to hit those higher killstreak numbers when usually you’d be liable to spike your controller in the attempt. Try it out!

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