Why The NHL Should Move A Team To Houston

With the National Hockey League now at 32 teams, the NHL is most likely done expanding. With a team being added to Las Vegas and a team added to Seattle, the NHL has expanded its reach across North America in different markets. However, there is one major market the NHL has yet to tap into: Houston. Here are some reasons why the NHL should move a team to Houston.

Before we really dive into the reasons, let’s discuss what team should be relocated. The obvious choice here is the Arizona Coyotes. The team in the desert is a complete mess right now. The Coyotes could possibly not have a home next year, as the city of Glendale currently says they will not renew their agreement after 2021-2022 season. And a $1.7 billion arena in Tempe is still up in the air, and will definitely not be ready by the start of next season. The team stinks, management stinks and their attendance stinks. The franchise needs a shake up and a new scenery with passionate fans. Enter Houston.

The Arizona Coyotes could soon be without a home as they have yet to reach an agreement with the city of Glendale for the Gila River Arena. (Photo courtesy of Ross D. Franklin/AP)

Houston=Major Sports City

Unlike a lot of former expansion cities, Houston is an established sports city with already three teams in the four major sports leagues, including a Major League Soccer Club, the Houston Dynamo FC. Not to mention, a city with a population over 2.31 million and rising, Houston is the biggest city in Texas. And if you have ever seen a Houston Astros playoff baseball game or Houston Rockets playoff game, you would see how passionate the Houston fanbase is. If Houston gets a team that is successful and competing, the team will succeed and flourish. Now the Coyotes are nowhere near competitive, but with the team moving to Houston a whole new management group will come in, and hopefully, turn the team around.

Say what you want about Houston teams, especially the Astros, but you can not deny their fans have immense passion for their sports teams. (Photo courtesy of Karren Warren/Houston Chronicle)

Money For NHL

Houston is the fourth largest city by population in America. The NHL is in every major market in the United States besides Houston. And in big cities, there is a lot of money. For the four major sports in North America, the NHL draws the least amount of revenue. And for a league that wants to generate more and grow more, they will benefit from going to Houston. A move will add another team to the second biggest state in the country and could generate an interesting rivalry between Houston and the Dallas Stars, which would of course generate more interest and more money for the NHL.

This will upset Coyotes fans, but it is time the NHL moves to Houston. The last professional hockey team in Houston was the Houston Aeros, who last played a game in 2013. They played in the IHL (International Hockey League) and eventually became an AHL affiliate of the Minnesota Wild for a year before joining the Dallas Stars for a year. Many considered the team a success.

Therefore, it is time for the NHL to move the Coyotes from Glendale to Houston.

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