Warzone Gives EM2 No Recoi


Call of Duty

A scope in Call of Duty: Warzone gives the EM2 almost no recoil. / Photo Courtesy of Infinity Ward

A “glitched” scope on the EM2 Assault Rifle Loadout has been discovered in Call of Duty: Warzone, which eliminates nearly all recoil on the weapon.

The scope was shown off to the masses in a YouTube video by FaZe Swagg, uploaded on Oct. 31.

The Axial 3X scope on the EM2 rifle offers very little sway on the weapon when staying idle. When moving, the scope also stays steady on target, including when engaging in gunfire.

TrueGameData on YouTube is the source of these stats, and goes deeper into each optic on different weapons in Warzone and how each scope’s zoom and aim-walking sway impacts it. It’s something that weapon and scope stats don’t show but is a visual difference that is incredibly important to hit your AR shots, especially from range, when on the move.


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