IngenioSpec Presents Smart Eyewear for a Smart Home

SAN JOSE, Calif.–()–The market of smart eyewear has only scratched the surface of possibilities. But there have been some major developments recently. Ray-Ban introduced its Ray-Ban Stories—the first pair of stylish and comfortable smart eyewear—and Magic Leap, after raising another $500 million in October, is ready to launch a “smaller, lighter, faster … all-day-everyday wearable” model over their first-generation smart eyewear.

For this still-budding market, IngenioSpec offers another set of smart eyewear patented technologies to better empower anyone in a smart home, including the disabled and the elderly. Our smart eyewear features a digital assistant that can wirelessly connect with smart appliances in a user’s home.

For example, suppose the eyewear is wirelessly connected to a smart stove. The digital assistant can monitor the burner’s status and the location of the user. If the user walks away for too long after the burner is on, the assistant can ping the user. If there is no timely response, the digital assistant can turn off the burner.

As another example, suppose the eyewear is wirelessly connected to a garage door, which is the smart appliance. The digital assistant can monitor whether the door is open or closed. If the user drives away without closing the door, the digital assistant can alert the user, who can then remotely close the garage door via the digital assistant.

The digital assistant in the eyewear can also ping an interested party, such as a family member or healthcare provider. In the event of an emergency, the digital assistant can send a call to local emergency services, providing preliminary information such as status and location.

For further details on these technologies and more, visit IngenioSpec (an affiliate of IpVenture), and their impactful patents.

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