Huge Black Friday deal lets you light your home for less with motion sensor LEDs


T3 knows a thing or two about smart home devices, especially when it comes down to keeping your home well-lit and easily navigatable in the dark. In fact, we love all things smarts. Whether that’s discounted Amazon Echo Speakers in our Black Friday deals or a range of the best smart speakers – there’s something for everyone’s home. 

We’ve just spotted these super-convenient motion sensor lights that are a smart solution for your home’s hallways and darker areas. With the Zhenren Motion Sensor Closet Lights, you can be sure that your closet is always illuminated or the undersides of your kitchen table units. What’s even better is that these motion-activated lights are compact and don’t consume as much power as standard incandescent and halogen bulbs, meaning you can save money while being assured that enough light is emitted. 

Beat the Black Friday rush


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