Barcelona’s reported contract offer hands Liverpool advantage in Ousmane Dembele fight

Barcelona have a new contract on the table for Ousmane Dembele and it’s one that may raise eyebrows at Liverpool. The Frenchman is out of a deal in June.

Ousmane Dembele has a little over seven months remaining on his Barcelona contract. It’s a crazy situation, considering they signed him for £135.5m back in 2017.

But years of inconsistency – both in his play and fitness – means Dembele is a difficult one to tie down. Barcelona hope they’ve found a way, however.

Per Sport, they’re offering Dembele a different kind of contract. This one comes with a base pay but his wages increase the more he’s on the pitch.

If Dembele gets through an entire season unscathed, he earns the full amount. If he struggles with injuries, Barcelona save some cash.

Everyone’s happy – except, almost certainly, Dembele.

Ousmane Dembele gets contract offer

Barcelona make this offer knowing full well that there will be alternatives for Dembele. He’s still only 24 and with considerable talent – other sides will get involved.


In fact, Dembele only needs to wait until January 1st before receiving official offers from elsewhere. One of those may well come from Liverpool.

Cuatro in Spain claims Dembele’s agent approached the Reds recently, among other clubs. This comes after previous reports, from the likes of Sport, saying Liverpool like the player.

And if they do like him, Barcelona are handing an advantage over. Because anyone who offers Dembele a ‘proper’ contract is more likely to get him at this stage.

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They’ve just got to believe that they can either develop him better than Barcelona or keep him more fit. It’s very possible that Liverpool (and everyone else) would back themselves on both counts.

And if Dembele also believes a different club can do those things, Barcelona’s deal is a non-starter.

So Liverpool do have an advantage here in any fight for Dembele. Let’s see how serious they are in January.

As we’ve said before, it’s a risk. It just depends how willing the Reds are to take it.

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