Act now to protect yourself against cyber crime, says former hacker Marshal Webb

Cyber crime is a fast-growing threat to every organisation online.

According to the 2021 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report, in the first half of this year there were 304.7 million ransomware threats – a rise of more than 150% on the same time last year.

The pandemic had a huge impact. Increased online working hours for employees, and their continuous exchange of critical business information, opened up the space for unauthorised access.

Now former hacker turned cybersecurity expert Marshal Webb is calling for organisations to do more in protecting themselves and their customers.

Marshal said they need to plan for any scenario with practical and effective cyber security strategies.

Hackers don’t discriminate against their targets, he said. An attack could happen at any time, and to anyone.

Marshal explained: “Cyber security is an essential strategy for any organisation, protecting important data from unscrupulous people.

“An increased use of cloud services in the enterprise is among the biggest problems. Most are poorly configured, giving cyber criminals an opportunity to get in.

“Hackers invest a lot of hours looking for weaknesses to exploit. Organisations need to invest heavily in their cyber security strategies – and now.”

Every organisation needs to do more

The tech prodigy explained antiviruses and firewalls are no longer enough, with hackers and cyber criminals regularly overcoming these defences.

Marshal still recommends their usage, but advises on more sophisticated strategies to address current threats.

Having been in the crypto world for more than a decade, Marshal highlights the sector as one of the top targets for cybercrimes.

As chief technology officer at a crypto payments processor, Marshal believes there is more to be done to protect users.

“Hacking and cybersecurity threats are becoming more sophisticated, and with growing crypto adoption I understand the urgency to set up proper security measures to prevent future losses, and ensure these currencies continue to grow,” said Marshal.

“No organisation is too small to avoid the gaze of criminals. There is zero discrimination.

“A great place to start is by educating your employees about the common social scams and attacks, such as malware and ransomware.”

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