Premier “Fully Engaged” on Cyber Attack While Abroad for COP26

Photo via Premier of NL Twitter

The Premier says the first he heard about a potential cyber attack on the province’s healthcare IT systems was as he was boarding a plane to Glasgow.

While the province was reeling from a cyber attack that shut down healthcare IT services, the premier was in Scotland for the UN’s Climate Change Conference.

He says it was on the tarmac he got the call.

He says Minister John Haggie called him as he was walking onto the plane. Since that time, he says he was regularly updated while at the conference.

Furey says with the updates from officials, the ability to work remotely, and the travel schedule, he felt he was able to be informed while also attending COP26.

He says he was fully engaged and informed by the ministers involved, and he was an active part of the decisions made.

NLMA on IT Situation

The Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association says physicians in the province are working to care for their patients as best as possible in spite of the cyber attack.

The NLMA says progress is being made and work life is improving daily. It says doctors will manage the backlog as quickly as possible as the IT situation continues to improve.

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