Can Combat Pacing be turned off in Call of Duty: Vanguard?


As most players have already seen, Call of Duty: Vanguard has introduced the new Combat Pacing component to Multiplayer which allows for every game mode to accept more players into a lobby than ever before. For instance, instead of seeing 12 players in game at once, you may spot 24 or more in total. As this does bog down some of the objective-based modes, there is still one method to stop from having larger lobbies.

In Mutliplayer’s Quick Play filter, there will be three varying play-styles offered to you: Tactical, Assault, and Blitz. Unfortunately, these cannot be all turned off, but that’s not a bad thing. For those looking to play classic 6v6 matches, turn off both the Assault and Blitz options by pressing either Square or X (depending on your platform) to keep the cursor hovered over only Tactical. Although the game describes this as “a more calculated experience,” game modes will simply have the same lobby sizes as previous titles.

After doing this, you can change the Combat Pacing back to its default settings or even choose Blitz and Assault as your main preference. Typically, the Assault pace will send you into 16 to 24 player lobbies, with Blitz wildly varying between 16 to 48 player lobbies. From our experience, it varies on the size of the map and the game mode you are playing on.

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