Call of Duty Vanguard Released


Justin Gomez

Call of Duty just released their new game called Call of Duty Vanguard and people have been waiting for this moment for a while and it is finally here

This year’s new Call of Duty is called Call of Duty Vanguard and was released Friday, November 5th. They introduced a new campaign, zombies mode, and 16 different multiplayer maps. This has the scene excited to play with a lot of new things coming out this year. Along with these new modes there is a returning theme which is World War 2. COD has had a game like that back in 2017 with the release of Call of Duty World War 2. That game had a lot of success back in the day and also released some awesome DLC throughout the game. That puts some high expectations on this new game to be as good if not better than the last one.

New Warzone Map

Call of Duty is going into its third year with their battle royale mode called Warzone and it has had their fair share of problems. There has been a lot of success with it as well. First off they actually released a battle royale mode which they didn’t have for a very long time and it had instant success for them and brought in a lot of players. Second in their new game Vanguard they are releasing a new map for Warzone called Pacific. So with that in mind they are going to be bringing in more players and returning players who had a lot of fun on the original Warzone map. With all that in mind it is super good that they are introducing a new map so people don’t get sick of the battle royale and will have a fresh new map to play on.

Competitive Scene

The competitive side of Call of Duty has been a big deal since back in 2012 with Black Ops 2. In 2019 they finally announced that they would be transitioning into a franchised league. This was a really good jump in order to become more professional. Other gaming scenes have already been franchised and seen a lot of success like Overwatch and League of Legends. Those games have seen a lot of success so Call of Duty is last to the party. Going into Vanguard the competitive scene was excited because the game announced that they would be working with the Call of Duty League to release a good ranked mode. It is always important to have a good ranked mode with a good ranking system. All good games have one like Smite and Valorant. The ranked mode won’t be available at launch but hopefully they will release some time soon. 

Ricochet Anti-Cheat

A big problem in the most recent Call of Duty game called Cold War was there were a lot of hackers. This was the first Call of Duty game available on PC so it was a lot easier to get cheats. Also in Cold War there was no anti-cheat so there were a lot of hackers running around in multiplayer and Warzone. This turned a lot of players away because they rarely got banned and they would pop up so frequently. In the new game Vanguard they introduced an anti-cheat called Ricochet. This is a really good thing introduced into the Call of Duty scene and will hopefully bring back any players that may have left. Hopefully it also brings in players that may have been hesitant to play the game due to hackers. With those hackers gone people are looking forward to a good year of Call of Duty.

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