NFL legend Ochocinco reveals why he trusts Call of Duty more than women

Chad ‘Ochocino’ Johnson was an NFL superstar and now, in retirement, he reps Call of Duty. In a new interview, he explained why he loves CoD so much — including why he trusts the game more than women.

After racking up all-time numbers in the NFL, Chad ‘Ochocino’ Johnson has enjoyed a multifaceted retirement. And now he can count ‘dating advice connoisseur’ among his most recent accolades.

During his guest appearance on the Nelk Boys’ Full Send Podcast, Ochocinco and the gang dove into relationships and gaming. And Chad, an avid gamer, was not shy about how much Call of Duty (and FIFA) mean to him.

Asked about dealing with breakups and romantic troubles, Ocho was very clear about one thing: Gaming and, in particular, Call of Duty can be trusted and will always be there for you.

Ochocinco tells Nelk Boys how Call of Duty helps with relationship troubles

When the Nelk lads requested Chad’s breakup wisdom, they received an answer that most gamers would likely find relatable: “My advice was gaming. That gets me through everything.”

Elaborating, Ocho spoke about how a lady might turn on you, but his favorite video games would never: “Women, one day they might be like ‘you know what, I don’t even f**king love you no more.’ You think FIFA and Call of Duty are gonna do me like that?”

As made obvious by his posts on social media, Chad is an avid gamer. But, if you want to know why CoD is so dear to his heart, he was very specific about its perks.

“Oh, you don’t want to talk to me anymore? F**k you, I got Call of Duty. It’s one thing that’s always going to be in place, no matter whatever’s going on in life, is f**king gaming. S**t is always there.”

So there you have it. You can trust that CoD will always be there for you. That may be the perk of a video game, versus an autonomous human, but it remains an objective fact: Call of Duty can’t turn on you, but love interests might.

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