Inter Want To Secure Milan Skriniar’s Contract To Ward Off Interest From Others, Italian Media Report

Inter are hoping to secure the future of defender Milan Skriniar as other teams begin to show interest in him, according to a report in the Italian media.

As has been reported by Calciomercato, Inter CEO Beppe Marotta and Sporting Director Piero Ausilio do not want any nasty surprises this summer with teams unsettling their best players.

Milan Skriniar is not out of contract until June 2023 but the club are now very wary of the threat that Antonio Conte and Tottenham Hotspur pose to their squad now that the ex-Inter coach has that new job.

It is already known that Antonio Conte and Fabio Paritici who is the sporting director at the Premier League are very interested in taking advantage of Marcelo Brozovic’s expiring contract and negotiation stand off.

Inter must act quickly to protect their major assets from more wealthy clubs that may start to think there is a situation to exploit.

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