Why is Lee Charnley still involved with this at Newcastle United? Surely the biggest red flag

Like most other fans. I was and still am overjoyed with the Newcastle United takeover.

Wherever we end up at the end of the season, at least there is now hope.

If current reports are to be believed regarding why Unai Emery rejected Newcastle, based on a lack of an articulated clear vision and his apparent bewilderment as to why he and Eddie Howe are the two shortlisted for the job (according to Guillem Balague), then this is a deeply embarrassing scenario.

However, I am not convinced about these reports, especially the Eddie Howe scenario of Emery using him as an example of Newcastle United not knowing what their direction, is due to him and Howe being very different managers with opposing philosophies.

Whoever exactly is advising the new Newcastle United owners is not known…but it is a worry that Lee Charnley is still around.

Seemingly (according to George Caulkin of The Athletic) not just covering a handover but engaging into new areas such as the managerial appointment.

The very fact Lee Charnley is still there, tells me that there is currently nobody with experience to take over from him at the club.

We must remember that Staveley and PCP Partners are financiers and not footballing experts.

Is this the short-term approach? If this is the case, then you can understand the reports of Emery not being comfortable with what was on offer.

Surely Newcastle United need a Director of Football appointed very quickly, who is well versed in building a club’s footballing infrastructure with large investment and who can quickly advise the owners.

With this appointment, his very first task would be to get the right manager in whom he knows and to build from there.

This was why the Ajax connection is appealing. The other alternative is to buy out Rafa Benitez from Everton.

He already devised a plan to build, he is an elite manager who knows the club, a footballing director can then wait…as Rafa can do this alone!

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