Sergio Ramos PSG release talk draws withering response as former Parc des Princes favourite says defender ‘paid for doing nothing’

Sporting director Leonardo has denied Paris Saint-Germain are going to release Sergio Ramos, but that just won’t wash with former favourite Jerome Rothen.

The legendary Spain international joined the Ligue 1 giants on a free transfer in the summer, having failed to agree a contract with Real Madrid.

Ramos missed most of the second half of last season with injury though, and hasn’t even been in group training with PSG, never mind playing a match.

It was reported that the capital club could even come to an agreement to release the veteran, whose return is still uncertain.

On Monday former Milan star Leonardo blasted those rumours, accusing the Spanish press of “playing games” over the four-time Champions League winner.

But that didn’t wash with former Ranger s man Rothen, who spent six years at PSG before his loan spell at Ibrox.

He said on RMC Sport: “Regarding his (Leonardo’s) answer on Ramos: no problem. But if he knew that he should have explained that he wouldn’t have resumed training by November 1 and he’d be being paid for doing nothing.

“The problem is that there are questions internally and that’s a problem.

“In that case, let us know when he’ll be back training and when he’ll play a game again.

“How will Sergio Ramos get back to his best? In two or three games? It’s just not possible.”

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