To honor Kyle Beach’s bravery, the NHL has to do better, we all have to do better – The Athletic

We have a name now. A hero’s name.

Kyle Beach’s interview Wednesday was one of the most powerful events in NHL history.

The pain in his voice, the courage in his actions, the tears rolling down my face as I watched.

We were not there for him.

The Chicago Blackhawks, and by extension the NHL, failed him in a way that can’t ever be repaired. The NHL Players’ Association did, too. The sport as an institution let him down. The game that he loved betrayed him in a way so horrific you could see it in his facial anguish Wednesday.

And until my TSN colleague Rick Westhead got wind of this story, and never let go in his dogged pursuit of the truth — not to mention The Athletic’s work by Mark Lazerus, Scott Powers and Katie Strang — there is no question that I think Beach felt the hockey media let him down, too.

On a personal level, I’m now asking myself, could I have done more? In my day-to-day coverage of the game in pursuit of hockey news such as trades, signings, line changes and features, am I asking the right questions? And I think a lot of people in my business are asking themselves the same questions this week.

Truly, I am amazingly fortunate to be work teammates with both Rick Westhead and Katie Strang. As investigative reporters, they ask questions and pursue stories that are downright horrifying.

Like this one.

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