4 Technological Trends to turn your Condo into a Smart Home

Are you looking to convert your condo into a smart home? An important characteristic of today’s condo living is the integration of technological solutions that facilitate our day-to-day living. In Ontario, smart homes were once thought to be associated with a high-end lifestyle, but they have now evolved into an integral part of our daily lives. Smart home technology is no longer just an advantage but also a necessity to attract potential consumers. People residing in urban centres across Canada like in Toronto, Ontario are moving towards smart devices as electricity prices have gone up exponentially in the last few years. Smart home devices help you regulate and lower your utility expenses by increasing consumption efficiency and decreasing waste. The goal is to increase efficiency, safety, and reliability while providing more convenience for condominium users. 

Here are 4 smart technologies that you can incorporate into your condo.


Several technological solutions focus on the safety of condominiums, as security and safety are paramount for everyone. There are a ton of features packed security cameras with 24 hours digital accessibility from anywhere through an app and smart lock system. If you want maximum security you can always opt for a professional monitoring service which is available with most security systems.

Here are some of such security cameras for condos:

  • Simplisafe Wireless Home Security System
  • Ring Alarm (2nd Gen)
  • Lifeshield Home Security – home security indoor camera

All the above security systems can be modified with additional kits that will provide surveillance for your entire condo. Some of the basic features include a Base station, Touchpad, Motion Sensors, Entry Sensors, Fire Safety sensors, Key-chain remote, compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant, and remote accessibility.

Another component of security is smart locks. These smart locks can be accessed through your phone or passcode or sensors, which allow you full control of who comes in and goes out.

Some smart locks that you can get for your condo:

  • August WiFi Smart Lock
  • Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt


To flawlessly function with smart devices in the house like clocks, lights, speakers, doorbells, cameras, water heaters, windows, window blinds, or appliances, you need to integrate it with a central system that is compatible.

Amazon Echo Family 4th Gen: The Amazon Echo is a Bluetooth speaker powered by Alexa, Amazon’s handy voice assistant. Alexa works with several smart home devices directly, as well as with If This Then That (IFTTT) to control plenty of others via pairings you can create yourself.

Google Nest Hub Family: This is similar to amazon echo. If you prefer Google Assistant to Amazon Alexa, you will want to invest in Google’s Nest Hub line of speakers and smart displays. Nest Audio, Nest Mini, and Nest Hub are smaller in size and are more affordable alternatives for having Google Assistant in every room of the house.


A smart thermostat can help reduce power costs by turning your heating system on when you desire to reach home, and switching it off when you don’t think you need indoor climate control. In Canada, the winter is settling in and smart thermostats will know how to properly heat your home, set lights and temperature to adjust to specific settings at a given time. These thermostats have motion and proximity sensors which help in knowing if your home is occupied and therefore in need of climate control. Every smart thermostat can be controlled with a smartphone or integrated with other smart-home devices and broader smart-home systems.

Some smart thermostats in the market:

  • Ecobee Smart Thermostat with Voice Control
  • Nest Thermostat


Smart appliances in your condo make your day-to-day living easy. There are a variety of appliances available to assist you in your daily chores.

Smart Plugs: Through a smart plug you can control your appliances from an app on your phone from anywhere. Smart plugs also allow you to see the amount of energy you are consuming. Some frequently bought smart plugs include:

  • Wemo WiFi Smart Plug
  • TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Mini Plug EP10
  • Ring Outdoor Smart Plug

Smart Lighting: Smart lights serve a variety of usage from energy conservation to sensor lighting. The best smart light bulbs are bright, easy to set up, and compatible with the entire top smart home systems. Here are a few that you can consider buying:

  • Philips Hue White And Color Ambiance
  • Wyze Bulb
  • Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED

These are some of the new trends of condo automation. If you are a new condo owner this list can be helpful so that you can turn your condo into a smart home.

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